Jimmy Ålund

Besides driving Jimmy also works on the transmissions and everything else when needed.

Petter Greborn
Crew chief

Petter handles the clutch and computer and he is also “reading” the racetrack.

Jonas Widlund

Jonas is the one who works with the transmission.

Christer "Putte" Bergström

Putte takes care of the rearend and the wheels/tires.

Pär "PiPPi" Willén

PiPPi keeps the beer cool and works with marketing.

Lars Rodeblad
Team coordinator

J&J Performance Racing

1986 - 1998

Jimmy started dragracing in 1986, bracketracing his -70 chevelle at Mantorp Park. After going thru a lot of different racecars that went faster and faster Jimmy and Kalle won the Pro Street championship together in 1998 with a -66 Chevelle that ran 7.60s on DOT tires.


Petter joined the team in 1999 and the following year they started racing a -67 Nova with a 605” and Lenco. The team was very successful in Super Pro Street setting numerous track records and winning the championship both 2000 and 2001 going as fast as 6.97 at 200MPH.


The team felt that it was time for a new challenge, so in 2003 they tried one of the toughest classes in dragracing - Pro Stock. The first season was way above expectations with second place in the FIA Championship.


So for 2004 there was only one thing to shoot for. Bob Ingles at J&B Performance built a new motor and both the team and motor delivered, winning five races and becoming the first Pro Stocker in Europe to run in the 6.8s and first to 200 miles per hour.


After winning the FIA Championship in 2004 the team managed to do it again in 2005 and 2006. The team felt it would be hard to win another championship with the trusty Firebird so it was time for a new car. A state-of-the-art Jerry Haas Pontiac GTO-06 was purchased in the states. With a new car and a new Bob Ingles motor they once again won the FIA Championship in 2007.